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Virtual Tours that put you on the map!

Our VR Tours integrate directly with Google Street Maps. 3D Virtual Tours for your property or attraction.

Virtual Tours that put you on the map!

Not only are the 3D Virtual Tours we produce as cool as a warehouse full of cucumbers they are also clever. Because we use a state of the art 3D camera we can supply a number of nifty bolt-ons with each tour. For any business wanting to have a slick google maps experience the tours can be embedded directly in to google street maps offering a seamless experience for your visitors from the outside google street map tour to the inside of your attraction or property.

Virtual Tours that put you on the map!

Click on the google map screen shot above (you can also view it on Google) and you will see the "photo-sphere" icons that are each of our 3D scan points. It just so happens that these points are also a few hundred feet underground but hey :). Directly from google then you will be immersed into a stimulating and immersive tour. In this case you will be shown the Google Maps version of the tour below.

Our 3D tours by Future Studios are an excellent way of showcasing our properties to online visitors. They really get a feel for the location and the luxury quality of the cottages and log cabins.


It gets better!

As part of the service we can also supply high resolution digital images taken from the camera. And when I say high resolution I mean Hughe high quality HDR images like the ones below. We can also build property floor-plans for estate agent property details and add measurements from our scans that are accurate to within 1% of reality.

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