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New Team Member to run PPC campaigns

Future Studios is excited to announce our new member, Dan Farrow. Social media fanatic!

New Team Member to run PPC campaigns

Future Studios is excited to announce our new member, Dan Farrow. Social media fanatic, optimisation geek and all round lover of digital marketing, Dan will be expanding Future Studios into a new realm of marketing.

After 2 years spent developing acclaimed display and paid social strategies at the U.K’s largest credit card company, Dan's expertise has been brought in to develop and run marketing activity across social platforms (eg. Facebook & Instagram) for our wide range of clients. Since on-boarding his first client in late 2017, Dan’s clients have seen exponential growth, namely due to their effective use of paid social marketing. In this blog post Dan will cover the most-asked questions about paid social marketing and give you an insight into what this new marketing function can do for your business.

Without further-a-do we'll hand you over to Dan…

Paid Social Marketing - An overview:

When I try and explain what paid social is I often think of myself at a bar, I’m speaking to someone I just met and they ask the very simple question of “what do you do?”. For this I think there’s only one answer; “When you’re shopping online and add something to your cart, I’m the guy who delivers the Facebook ad featuring that same item immediately before you purchase it.”

In its simplest form that is exactly what paid social marketing is; highly targetable ads, delivered on social media platforms to the right people at the right time.

In this blog I’ll be covering 3 key areas of paid social marketing:

  1. Targeting the right people
  2. Creating great ads
  3. Measuring success

Targeting the right people:

Paid social allows your business to reach people who are already interested in your (eg. have visited your site already) and even reach people who are likely interested but just haven’t found you yet.

With paid social reaching people who will likely be interested in your business is easy. You can create audiences that “look like” people who have already visited your site or people who have previously bought from you. Facebook then matches up the interests of your previous site visitors to find people who share similar interests.

Paid social is also great for retargeting. Due to its “user based targeting” Facebook allows you to reach the exact same people who have interacted with your brand but might not have purchased. Lots of people won’t convert on their first interaction with a brand, so retargeting on Facebook and Instagram can often be the nudge they need before buying.

Creating great ads:

Regardless of the platform or medium your ads are appearing you should always aim to create an engaging and effective ad. Many brands design their ads for other ad format (TV etc.) with social often being an after-thought and then wonder why their don’t work on social media.

For ads on social media you need to consider the unique nature of the platform, for example, the average user spends an average of 10 seconds viewing a video. Therefore, a normal length TV ad simply wouldn’t work on social media as people rarely stay engaged that long.

Working at Future Studios allows me to utilise the skills and experience of the in-house team to create ads that are engaging, high quality and designed specifically for social media. Paid social also gives the ability to test and learn so we can learn what ads work best for your brand and your audience by tweaking elements such as the ad-copy, messaging even colours.

Measuring Success:

With ads on social media (specifically Facebook and Instagram) measuring success is relatively simple. Using Facebook’s ad-manager portal we’re able to manage campaigns, budgets and track performance at a granular level. We can develop custom reports to help you better understand your campaign and accurately track your performance.

For measuring the success of your paid social campaign there are a few things you need to consider:

  • What is your goal/objective? Whether it’s driving traffic to your site or increasing sales it’s important to define this early on
  • What are your KPIs? These are the “key performance indicators” you’ll use to define and track the success of your campaign
  • What are your targets? If it’s sales figures what kind of umbers are you aiming to hit

We’ll be there to help every step of the way with defining all for the above but it’s always important to think about before diving into paid social marketing.

Sound interesting to you? - If the possibility of paid social does sound interesting for your business, feel free to contact me at and I’d love to speak more about how we can help grow your business.

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