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Mastering our craft with an awesome Content Management platform

Putting users and their content first

Mastering our craft with an awesome Content Management platform

At Future Studios, we prioritise user experience highly. We believe that if our clients can't use their website effectively, then we haven't done our job. Due to this, having the correct Content Management System (CMS) in place is integral to how users publish their web content. For years we had used a tried and tested CMS but as powerful and efficient as it was, we recently took the decision to venture out and experiment with other systems. We were convinced that there was something better out there.

With the vast array of systems on the market, luckily we didn't have to venture far. Craft had always been familiar to us but we had never tried it out. Looking back, this now seems like a massive oversight and having now been neck deep in Craft for considerable time we can safely come to a unanimous decision...Craft rocks!

Mastering our craft with an awesome Content Management platform

The user area of our new website was a fresh change and adding content really didn't require any training. I look forward to using our website now

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Craft finds that perfect balance. That oh so hard to reach middle ground between web developers and content managers. Having used systems that were either too simplistic or too complex, Craft is super user friendly but also allows vast flexibility for developers too. Reviews from our clients have been nothing but glowing. The intuitive nature of using Craft means content managers are able to publish their content in double quick time, preview and draft their work and create flexible web layouts all by themselves. Meaning they get an end result that is bespoke to their brand, rather than the edited theme look.

So whilst we're still learning about Craft and it's numerous features, we can't believe we have been without a web platform like this for so long. We're very excited to continue building with it and seeing what new things it has to offer. So far, we really like what we see.

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