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Drone filming for holiday parks and caravan parks

Extensive experience of drone filming for holiday parks and caravan parks

Drone filming for holiday parks and caravan parks

We have been CAA approved drone operators in north wales since 2014. Our CAA ID number is 1622 which is testament to how long we have been approved for. If you are thinking of getting a drone filming company in north wales (or any part of the UK for that matter) make sure they can be found on the Drone Safe Register or on the list Approved Drone operators from the CAA.

Please check the list of current holders of the CAA permission which is updated on a monthly basis. If your contact is not on this list then they are a rogue company which are highly likely to be operating without insurance and outside the UK's Air Navigation Order. The primary means of identifying an individual permission-holder is their permission document. You should not rely solely on the claims of a potential operator within a website offering any drone filming or UAS service.

Equally, not all drones will give you the same results. Not all pilots can find the sweet shot. If your chosen drone filming company has something like this in their arsenal then you will probably find they have invested a lot time, dedication and money into their craft.

Drone filming for holiday parks and caravan parks

If however they only have 1 drone and it's something basic like a DJI Mavic odds are you wont be getting the best for your money. Aerial filming is such a massive opportunity to showcase any property, holiday park, campsite or attraction at its best don't invest in amateurs. Well shot footage can be a real asset to your marketing collateral and used again and again without losing its charms.

Although our park videos are nearly 3 years old the work completed by Future Studios in 2015 still serves us proud. We will be updating our park showreels this year and without a doubt will be using Future Studios again.

Nick Pilgrim - Marketing Director at Haulfryn Group

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